Saturday, December 13, 2008

Olyvia's scarf

After a trip to Lakefield to Happenstance Books and Yarns (what a great idea- books and knitting- I love it!) where I bought 9 balls of wool with the hope of making 3 scarves for Christmas (really what was I thinking?????)I really wanted to practice the same stitch I was going to do for my next project- the NORO scarf. I started with the burgundy yarn.
Using 5 mm needles and some help at Alec's soccer game from Tracey- I cast on 50 stitches and started. I did a few inches Saturday night and then packed it up to take to Janice's farm on Sunday.
Her first thought was-it's kind of wide isn't it? (why do I like her anyways?) So that night I ripped it out (or frogged it? frogging?) And then cast on 30 stitches. I knit 1, purled 1 the whole way back and forth. The NORO scarf calls for slipping the last stitch- whatever that means. I decided to only learn 1 new thing on this project. I worked on it all week- determined to finish it before the NORO wool came in. On the 22nd, I was getting close, but the NORO wool was in. I forced myself to go back to this scarf before starting the next one. On the 23rd I thought it was long enough and so I packed it up without casting off (because I don't know how to do that yet!) and took it to mom's thinking I would give it to Olyvia on the holidays.
When I first showed it to mom- her first thought was - is it long enough? (why do I like her anyways?) So...with some help on the last several inches from mom- who ripped out more than she knit- she finished it on December. 28th. She also showed me how to cast off as well.
While I was knitting the scarf for Olyvia, Alec asked me to make him a scarf- but not an itchy one and one that was blue. Then Eric asked if I would make him a blanket. When I said I was going to make an afghan- Eric asked what an afghan was. He asked "Is it Chinese for blanket?"
Started: December 13, 2008
Finished (by mom): December 28th, 2008

I hope Olyvia enjoys it!

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