Thursday, December 4, 2008

Do You Like My New Hat?

This is my first knitting project ever. I came home with a terrible cold and after 2 nights of parent/teacher interviews I was completely burned out! What a silly night to try knitting! I was very surprised how relaxing it was. I couldn't seem to stop. I finished 1 ear flap with lots of help from mom and some words of encouragement from Grandma! I went back to work the next day and mom fixed up the other ear flap and had it ready to go when I got home. I worked on the knitting and purling for a few hours and then took it out to Janice's where I continued to knit and purl.
After working at the Tree Farm on Saturday, I came home very tired, but wanting to keep knitting. With moms help I worked to decrease the stitches which was easier than I thought. I added a braid down the sides of the ear flaps. I had to sew up the back using the only 'needle' I could find- an old hat pin from a scrapbooking kit.
Now Bryor and I have matching hats!
Started: December 4th , 2008
Finished: December 6th, 2008

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