Thursday, December 30, 2010

Leg Warmers for Claire

Claire put in a request for leg warmers because she always wears skirts to school and her legs get cold. As a good aunt- I agreed of course!

On Dec. 29th I went to Shall We Knit in New Hamburg and picked up a set of 4.5mm double pointed needles and some Cascade 9487(blue) and 7803 (fuchsia). I cast on 56 stitches and followed this pattern here. I decided to do Knit 2 Purl 2 because I just couldn't stand the thought of knit 1 and Purl 1 for two whole leg warmers! I'm not really enjoying using the double pointed needles- I bought 8" ones for this project and I am not really thrilled with them. They seem very long and keep getting in my way. I'm going to switch over to circular needles and see if I like that better.

Started: Dec. 29th, 2010
Finished: Jan. 1st, 2011

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