Sunday, July 18, 2010

Vintage Velvet Scarf

Started: June 25, 2010
Finished: July 17, 2010

During the March Break I spent a blissful hour by myself at Shall We Knit in New Hamburg. Mom had the kids and I just wandered the knitting store trying to find a new project. I picked up the book Scarf Style- wouldn't you know it, Janice has the same book.
Flipping through the book at mom's I saw many projects I wanted to try- but first on my list was the Vintage Velvet on page 77. Finding the right yarn was a bit tricky- thank goodness for the internet. I had it all shipped to dad's - which saved me a pile of money. I used the yarn recommended in the book- Muench Yarn- Touch Me colour 3630 lot number 71. I love the colour- it is going to look so great with my black coat next winter.
After the first ball, I noticed an error I made at the bottom, but I figured it would just blend in. When I finished the second ball, the error was really bugging me- I showed it to Jean Ann- and she agreed with me, that once it was finished, I wouldn't notice it. After finishing 2 and a half balls, I couldn't stand it anymore and I ripped the whole thing out! When I told Jean Ann, she admitted that the mistake was bugging her too, but she didn't want to say anything. Next time, she promises to be more honest with me!
I had to keep track of my rows on sticky notes. The tricky row was always row 6- remembering to repeat row 2 after doing a cable. Once I got going on it, it was easy and fun to make. I love how it looks after felting it!

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